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Garden Maintenance Made Easy for East Grinstead Clients

Keeping a garden in tip top shape can require a fair bit of time and effort, which is why we recommend clients in East Grinstead with overgrown or high maintenance gardens give our landscaping and grounds maintenance company a call to schedule in routine visits. But how do you go about ensuring that professional assistance is only required every once in a while, rather than all the time?


On this page we’ve looked to give a few tips on how to go about garden maintenance. However, if you’re more interested in the brand new patios and commercial grounds maintenance work we do around East Grinstead, don’t hesitate to contact us on 01293 539 228.



Five Garden Maintenance Tips


Planning and Preparation – Create an in-depth garden maintenance plan which describes in detail all the chores you will need to do and how long each will take. Then separate them into categories to figure out which need to be done every day, which should be handled weekly and monthly, and rarer jobs that can be done on an annual or seasonal basis. By forming a quality plan you’ll be more efficient and less likely to forget to carry out essential garden maintenance tasks.


Keep it Organic – We recommend our East Grinstead clients use organic compost instead of chemical fertilizers. Not only does this save money in the long-term, but it’s also more environmentally friendly and better for your trees and plant life. If you’re interested in one of our cheap, local authority-subsidised compost bays, give us a call. They’re available from as little as £15! We also provide large compost bays to commercial clients who have contracted us to carry out grounds maintenance.


Clamp Down on Weeds – While weeding out problematic, pesky plants is an important short-term garden maintenance task, there are a number of things you can do to prevent them growing in the first place. Mulching your soil is one great option, herbicides are a more radical, but sometimes essential solution, and simply planting your plants closer together to prevent weeds from receiving sunlight is a simple but highly effective option.


Water Properly – Regularly watering your plants is essential, but overwatering can be equally as damaging as under watering a plant. Research how much water the plants and trees you have in your garden need, then form a watering plan/schedule which ensures they’re getting the correct amount in a timely manner.


Don’t Be Afraid to Call in Help – Sometimes you’ll be faced with a situation which requires a professional’s expertise. It’s worth calling in qualified and experienced professionals who can assess your garden, hand you a free no-obligation estimate and then get to work fixing up your garden, whether this be hedge trimming, tree pruning or something more specialist. That’s where we come in.

But you can also call Costiff’s Gardeners Ltd if you’re searching for a landscaping firm near East Grinstead which can deliver high quality, competitively priced patios.


You can reach our garden and grounds maintenance company on 01293 539 228. We’re located nearby East Grinstead, and deliver many different landscaping services.