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All Types of Patios for Crawley Clients

We all know what patios bring to the table, being a great space for barbeques, summer get-togethers and a quiet glass of wine after work. But with so many materials and styles to choose from, how do you decide which type you’d like?


Our landscaping company has built countless patios for clients in Crawley, who often also make use of our garden maintenance and grounds maintenance services. So here we’ve decided to run through a few of the most popular materials for patios, explaining some of their best attributes.



A Wealth of Options



Stone offers a natural aesthetic and is very durable. Common types of stone that we’ve used to build patios around Crawley include slate, quartzite and limestone. Stone comes in a variety of hues and is very natural looking. However, some homeowners may be put off by the price; stone patios are somewhat expensive when compared with other options.


Concrete Pavers

These are made up of concrete compacted into small units in the style of brick or natural stone. Patios built out of concrete pavers are generally cheaper than traditional stone patios of the same size. Another advantage is that this form of patio is generally quite easy to maintain and repair if damaged. A drawback, however, is that as pavers come in fairly strict geometric forms, there are certain limitations placed on design.


Poured Concrete

Very cheap and easy to maintain, poured concrete patios are often chosen by Crawley clients in need of a simple, no-frills hard surface. But you pay for what you get, and poured concrete patios have a very plain look which doesn’t often compliment a home and garden.



Tile patios offer a distinct, vaguely European aesthetic that some homeowners absolutely adore. They do require some maintenance, though. This form of patio can get quite slippery if it holds water for an extended period of time, so care should be taken during bad weather. It’s also an expensive material. For these reasons we recommend tile patios for clients in Crawley who are looking to achieve a certain look, as there are more functional, albeit less striking options available for those unimpressed by tile on a visual level.



Fired brick, which is less porous than run-of-the-mill brick used for general construction, can be used to build natural-looking, stylish patios. Available in all sorts of colours and shapes, brick patios are great for clients who wish to design a one-of-a-kind patio which no one else in Crawley can claim to have. Do note their expense, and avoid having an inexperienced team fitting yours – correcting a badly laid, uneven brick patio could prove costly.

Our landscaping company in Crawley don’t just do patios. We’re also a top choice for garden maintenance and grounds maintenance. So whatever you need, why not give us a call?


Call 01293 530 228 to speak with one of our landscaping professionals. For patios, garden maintenance and grounds maintenance in Crawley, there’s no better option than Costiff’s.